The Big Painting Replacement Project “Painting 2 Ode to Jazz Tryptich Trio”

05-20-20_12-56-16 PMThe main purpose of this project is to replace Sims 4 paintings and wall hangings with a little more variety than we were originally given. not all of these will be Maxis Match at least not in terms of using Simlish since I have not learned the skill of removing regular text to replace it with Simlish.. You can find the first painting here at my Creators Studio


This replaces the base game painting “Ode to Jazz Tryptich Trio”. The art is by Saundra Bolen Samuels.


Download Here


Currently I am taking requests.

I do

  • Build/Buy Recolors
  • Walls/Floors
  • Lots
  • Basic CAS recolors
  • Sims

I do not do

  • Meshes either object meshes or CAS
  • Poses
  • Mods

The main reason for this is that I have yet to learn to do any of these things though I have installed blender and the mod creator tools to start learning how (I don’t usually take requests for things unless I am certain of my skills).

My style is mostly Maxis Match

I do have some requirements for requests

  • If you want specific textures use for recolors I would ask that you provide them
  • If you have specific house plans you want used I would ask that you provide links to them.
  • If you want specific CC used please send me a list so that I can check and see if I already have the items. Also due to creators TOU’s I do not include CC unless a creator is retired, or no longer in the community for some reason

If you have requests please message me either here or on my Simblr

12 Days of Christmas – Day 1 (Yesterday)

I don’t know about any of you but at Christmas at my house we wander off to the department store (or go to the VT Country Store ) and buy pretty new holiday themed cushions for our dining room chairs.. So for the 1st Day of Advent — in case your Sims want to change it up for the season in their Brindleton Bay Cottage here are 5 holiday themed dining chairs.

Cats and Dogs Required

Download Here 




Wow, the tumblr situation is so bad there are now people uploading their entire mods folder and sharing it. I’d just like to say, please don’t reupload my files. And I’m sure a lot of content creators will say the same. Not all, but I know plenty who wouldn’t like their things reuploaded. So please respect that. No matter how bad tumblr gets and what gets flagged it’s not right to disobey content creators TOU.

Agreed– don’t reupload my content– it is already in my TOU.. I have backed up my site to WordPress and all of my content should be available there